Approaching and preparing for retirement

When you reach your 50s, you generally start to look toward the future and consider what retirement might mean for you.

It can feel daunting thinking about retirement. You’ve worked hard over the years to grow your pensions, savings, and investments. But bringing all that together can sometimes make you feel that you can’t see the wood for the trees.

James can help you understand what you want, what you have and what is ‘enough’ for the future.

Life doesn’t slow down when you retire and, when it comes to finally leaving the world of work, you should be able to enjoy the freedom it brings without having to worry about money. By exploring what is most important to you and your family, James will create a unique financial plan for you. In doing so, you’ll have the financial security to relax and enjoy your retirement when the time comes.

Here to help

If you’ve never worked with a financial life planner before, James will guide you every step of the way. If you have worked with a financial adviser and feel now is the time for a different approach, James will also help you to make that switch.

Our Financial Life Planning service will provide the most value for people with combined savings, investments and pension funds in excess of £250,000.

How it works

  • Sit down and discuss your hopes and future plans

    Starting with a discussion about you and your life, James will understand the things important to you and how it will tie into your future.

  • Understand your money

    Once James understands your needs, he’ll create a thorough picture of your financial situation and how it can support your future goals.

  • Ongoing relationship

    James will develop an ongoing relationship, regularly reviewing your plan to keep you on track so you achieve the objectives you originally set out.

Approaching and preparing for retirement

“It has been a great benefit to see someone on a regular, professional and personal basis with whom we could work together. James takes the time to explain options patiently and clearly which is reassuring.”

Clive and Diane

North Dorset

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Approaching and preparing for retirement

As our family moves through life, James excels himself at going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that we have help when we need it and allow us to enjoy the happier times to the full.


West Dorset

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Approaching and preparing for retirement

I’m very happy with James’ thoughtful approach. It got me organised financially and inspires confidence that my savings are in the right hands


North Yorkshire

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Approaching and preparing for retirement

Since the crash in 2008, we understood long-term investment hadn’t been as good as years gone by. But with James, we felt reassured and happy that our money was in safe hands

John and Carol

Milborne Port

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Approaching and preparing for retirement

“I had confidence that James was advising me on the best investment choices for me, meaning I no longer had to worry, I had peace of mind and I could relax knowing that my finances were being looked after well."



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