Retired already

Life doesn’t slow down in retirement and you should enjoy the freedom it brings without having to worry about money.

New hobbies, holidays, and spending time with your grandchildren might mean you’re busier than when you were working! So, it’s important to ensure your income can support you for the rest of your life. This is something that requires careful financial planning.

What’s more, you may come across new financial hurdles that you didn’t know about before retiring. You might have more than enough and want to pass it to children and grandchildren. Perhaps you want to spend more in your retirement, but you’re not sure how much is available? James will align your money with your aspirations.

Here to help

If you’ve never worked with a financial life planner before, James will guide you every step of the way. If you have worked with a financial adviser and feel now is the time for a different approach, James will also help you to make that switch.

Our Financial Life Planning service will provide the most value for people with combined savings, investments and pension funds in excess of £250,000.

How it works

  • Sit down and discuss your life

    Starting with a discussion about you and your life, James will understand the things important to you and how it will tie into your future.

  • Understand your money

    By getting to know you, James creates a thorough picture of your financial situation and how it can support your future goals.

  • Ongoing relationship

    By developing an ongoing relationship, James will regularly review your plan and keep you on track, so you achieve the objectives you originally set out.

Retired already

We feel we are important to James. He is supportive and his guidance allows us to make informed choices. He’s a very knowledgeable, professional and caring advisor

James and Janet

South Somerset

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