Recently bereaved

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest times in a person’s life. It’s normal to feel anxious about the future.

A loss is sure to give you a different perspective on life as things change for you. If you’re now making financial decisions, that can feel an impossible and lonely task, especially if this wasn’t your area of expertise. It can be difficult to know where to start and what needs to be done.

When the time is right, James will help you to understand your financial life and begin looking forward to your future. James will give you a clear, visual picture of your financial future, helping you to get a handle on what you’ve got and whether that is enough. As a financial life planner, James will create a robust plan for the years ahead, help you to achieve what you want from the rest of your life, and give you a renewed sense of purpose.

Here to help

If you’ve never worked with a financial life planner before, James will guide you through each step. If you have worked with a financial adviser and feel now is the time for a different approach, James can help you make that switch.

Our Financial Life Planning service will provide the most value for people with combined savings, investments and pension funds in excess of £250,000.

How it works

  • Sit down and discuss your life

    Starting with a discussion about you and your life, James will understand the things important to you and how it will tie into your future.

  • Understand your money

    Once James understands your needs, he’ll create a thorough picture of your financial situation and how it can support your future goals.

  • Ongoing relationship

    James will develop an ongoing relationship, regularly reviewing your plan to keep you on track so you achieve the objectives you originally set out.

Recently bereaved

People tell me I was very brave to go ahead with my house, but I did so with the confidence given to me by James. My house sold, I moved and am so happy in my new small home



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